Shames Construction, founded in 1987 by Barry Shames, started building retail store interiors. Within a few years, Carolyn Shames' management and expertise moved the company to building large, ground-up retail developments. She became the majority stockholder, obtaining woman-owned business status in 1991. Today, Shames Construction is very proud to be a 100% woman-owned and managed company by Carolyn. We are the premier commercial general contractor on the west coast, specializing in large-scale commercial developments. There are reasons we’ve achieved such a reputation

  • Careful balancing between creative problem-solving and an approach to every project that uses a disciplined, intelligently designed process, and best practice procedures.
  • We stick to what we do best large-scale, challenging, sophisticated projects.
  • We use all available technology to be an extremely communicative and forward thinking partner.


Woman-owned, woman-grown

Carolyn Shames

President + Ceo

Building a successful firm in a traditionally male-dominated industry takes both intelligence and confidence. Traits that are also readily apparent in Carolyn’s projects—not to mention staff. In fact, she has built her team with the same care and expertise she puts into a development.

With over three decades of hands-on experience in construction management, from practicing architecture and working as construction manager for a national retailer, building is in Carolyn's blood. In addition to driving the vision of the firm, Carolyn oversees all day-to-day operations and makes herself available to clients to ensure that the needs of each can be met by her or another key decision-maker.

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leaders from all levels

Not only has Shames Construction instituted industry-leading project management practices, we have nurtured industry-leading project managers and a stable, loyal workforce. It goes even deeper than that every member of our team is a vital contributor at Shames, and we’re all here for you.

Tim George 
Senior Project Manager
Ryan Gibbons 
Senior Project Manager
Nick Kerner 
Project Manager
Scott Ashburn 
Project Manager
Kevin O’Brien 
Project Manager
Michael Lundgren 
Compliance Officer
Leslie Deocampo 
Assistant Project Manager
Grayson Gibson 
Assistant Project Manager
Rebecca Juhl 
Assistant Project Manager
Cyndi Roberson 
Assistant Project Manager
Annette James 
Project Assistant
Renee Martz 
Project Assistant
Donna Myles 
Project Assistant
Alison Warner 
Project Assistant
Dana Hanson 
General Superintendent
Ron Mhoon 
Quality Control Manager
Daniel George 
Safety Manager
Marcus Luna 
Sherry Bartholomew 
Executive Assistant
Tricia Tom 
Allison Poulter 
Accounts Payable Manager
Andi Del Colletti 
Accounting Assistant