At Shames Construction, we take great pride in being a 100% woman-owned company. Our ideals and strengths have been in place since our founding in 1987.

Under Carolyn's expert leadership, Shames Construction thrived and emerged as the leading commercial general contractor on the west coast. Carolyn's influence and expertise played a pivotal role in this accomplishment.

Our expertise lies in retail, grocery, industrial, restaurant, and entertainment projects. Our reputation as industry leaders is founded on several key factors

  • We carefully balance creative problem-solving and a disciplined, intelligently designed process, incorporating best practice procedures for every project.
  • We focus on what we do best, taking on large-scale, challenging, and sophisticated projects.
  • We harness all available technology to foster exceptional communication and forward-thinking collaboration with our partners.
  • We are committed to being well-trained professionals that bring a total risk management approach to each and every project.

Exceptional construction is about more than concrete and steel, its about experience, expertise, and effort. Our many long-term employees, under Carolyn’s leadership, give us a decisive advantage in the industry by embracing the company’s dedication to total quality and to embracing the entire process in every aspect of our operation.

Initially, the company was established by retired Founder, Barry Shames. We gained traction by constructing retail store interiors, throughout the western United States. In 1991, Carolyn Shames acquired a majority stake of 51% in the company. This strategic decision propelled Carolyn to become the driving force behind the company's growth and success.

In 2017, Carolyn Shames acquired the remaining 49% of the company's stock, becoming the sole proprietor. This ownership transition solidified Carolyn's position as the driving force behind Shames Construction, granting her the power to shape the company's direction and solidify our standing as industry leaders.

Shames Construction continues to flourish, surpassing previous benchmarks in commercial construction and delivering exceptional results to our valued clients.


Woman-owned, woman-grown

Carolyn Shames

President + Ceo

Building a successful firm in a traditionally male-dominated industry takes both intelligence and confidence. Traits that are also readily apparent in Carolyn’s projects—not to mention staff. In fact, she has built her team with the same care and expertise she puts into a development.

With over three decades of hands-on experience in construction management, from practicing architecture and working as construction manager for a national retailer, building is in Carolyn's blood. In addition to driving the vision of the firm, Carolyn oversees all day-to-day operations and makes herself available to clients to ensure that the needs of each can be met by her or another key decision-maker.

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leaders from all levels

Not only has Shames Construction instituted industry-leading project management practices, we have nurtured industry-leading project managers and a stable, loyal workforce. It goes even deeper than that every member of our team is a vital contributor at Shames, and we’re all here for you.

Tim George 
Senior Project Manager
Ryan Gibbons 
Senior Project Manager
Nick Kerner 
Project Manager
Michael Lundgren 
Compliance Officer
Rebecca Juhl 
Assistant Project Manager
Renee Martz 
Project Assistant
Ron Mhoon 
Quality Control Manager
Tricia Tom 
Allison Poulter 
Accounts Payable Manager